2 Minute Film Pitch

Updated: Jan 21, 2019

Over Christmas I have come up with 5 ideas for my second year film.

1. Mining

2. Dancing with Death

3. Ghost Stories

4. Cycle of Death

5. Japanese Theme

I have decided that I will pitch idea's 1, 2 and 3.

Pitch 1 - Dancing

Ref.1 This image captures a good portion of what I want to creates. It is clear that the couple are dancing together, the woman's dress is splayed out around her as she twists. The graveyard is clear, creating a contrasting feeling to the dancing couple.

However, I want the colouring to be darker, just before night. The male dance partner in my story is unseen, he is a spirit.

Ref. 2

Colour contrast in this image works incredibly well. The silhouettes of the tomb stones and tree stand out strongly against the brightly coloured sky. I really like the silhouettes in this image, especially the tree and the delicate twirls along the floor as grass.

A simple visual of a woman in a graveyard.

Using photoshop, I created an image inspired from these two reference images. Im happy with this drawing as a visual aid for my presentation, but if I was to do actually do this, the white wind that I've draw in place of a male dancer would be small leaves and delicate white lines.


A women goes to the grave of her deceased lover, mourning him. His spirit dances with her in the form of wing to a piece of music.


I would use cut out animation to make this animation. Using the multi-plane camera, painted card for the sky, different shades of grey card for the landscape and black card for things in the foreground. The main character would be composed of a variety of grey coloured card to create distinctions between the clothing, body and hair. The wind would be composed of small leaves, and using after effects, I'd add some 2D effects to emphasise this.

Pitch 2 - Stories

I haven't used any image references for these drawings because they are based on where I live, so I have drawn them from memory alone.


Small footprints lead to the bedroom door, but there is no one there.

This is the story my Mum told me, it happened before I was born.

My mum was alone in the house with my two older sisters, who where 4-5 at the time. My dad was away for the weekend with the TA, so she was alone in her bedroom. During the night, she heard quiet footsteps along the landing, that stopped outside her door. Assuming it was one of my sisters, she repeatedly told them to come in. When no-one opened the door, she got up and opened the door expecting to see one of the girls. There was no-one there. She went int the girls bedroom, and they were both fast asleep.

This repeated often, but only when my dad was away. Then one weekend my dad was home and heard the footsteps, he also assumed it was one of the girls, and ignored my mum when she said it wasn't.

My dad opened the door but there was no-one there. He checked the girls, and they were both fast asleep.

The Girl

A ghostly figure hovers in the middle of a street. It is sunny and warm, but she is dripping wet.

This story happened to me, and despite my lack of belief in ghosts, I stand by what I saw.

It was a really sunny day during summer when I was around 12. I was walking down my street with a friend towards my house, we were talking about whatever was interesting us in that moment, and I looked ahead of me. My house is on the corner of my street, a T-junction. I saw a girl wearing all black, with long dark hair and absolutely dripping wet, standing in the other side of the road from us. I turned to my friend to ask if she saw the girl as-well, but when I turned to look at her again, there was no-one there. Not even a wet patch where she was standing. I ran to the bottom of the street and looked up and down the lane, there was no way the girl could have ran that fast to leave the field of vision. Behind the wall that the girl was stood in-front off, is a 60ft drop to train tracks, so there's no way she jumped over the wall.


I would have the two stories revolve around the house, and transition from Billy to The Girl.


I would use stop motion to create this animation. I'd have to learn how to use rigging for some parts of the animation, and edit it out in post production.

Pitch 3 - Mining

I have chosen this idea to continue.

An incredibly simplified version of a mine.

My maternal Grandfather was a miner from the age of 14, until he retired in 1987. He worked for over 58 years, doing a variety of jobs throughout the mine.

Inspired by my grandad, I've decided to make my 2nd year animation about miners.

The Story

A man says goodbye to his family and leaves his house to go to work. As he's walking along the street, the camera focuses on his shadow. The shadow enters the gates of the mine and goes to a mine shaft down into the mine. There is then a pan down the mine shaft to the base of the mine, showing the structure of the shaft and the stone surrounding. There is then another pan along the bottom level of the mine. The pan shows various shadowed characters doing various jobs in the mine.


To make this animation I would use stop-motion techniques and various materials to build the models and set. I want to make a detailed and accurate set off the house, street and mine, and use shadow puppetry for the characters. At the moment I don't know how I would make the shadow puppetry over played on a real set, so the possibility of green screen, cut out and other alternative methods need to be explored.

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