Mrs Moon Script

Updated: Dec 17, 2018

Today my final script for my poem adaption is due. I must admit that I've been struggling to put my idea into written words, as I know I'm more visual than written. Speaking to Mark really helped, as when I described my idea to him, I was able to properly word what I wanted, which I then added to my script.

Id spoken to Danny this morning about his 1st year animation where he used cut-out to animate. Using adobe illustrate, I'd have to design my cut out parts with a single line.

Mark also suggested different ways to animate the adaption, I'd already told him that I think I'll be doing this in 2D, as I don't think that cut out will give me the effect that I want in this short.

Mark suggested that I research chalk animations, perhaps painting a board with blackboard paint, and using stop motion to traditionally draw my adaption.

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