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Updated: Dec 17, 2018

Due to how intense the NHS brief has been, Mario and Pete have decided to push back the deadline for the submission from the 3rd December, to around the 7th January. This has taken a lot of weight of my shoulders, however it's given me a new found drive to really get started on actually writing the Essay.

I've really been struggling to put pen to paper, not knowing where to start or what the essay actually needs to contain. So I've written myself a set of questions that coincide with the brief, to give me a solid starting point.

Main body of essay - 1500 .What is this essay about?

.Why did you choose this story to adapt?

.Where did the original story come from?

.How many different adaptions have there been?

.How is your adaption different from other adaptions?

.What is the moral or the original story, and how does this differ to yours?

.What art style would you make this adaption in, and why does this give a better visual than other styles?

.How important would music be in this adaption if it was made?

.How does the colour pallet effect the story?

Sample Script

.Blonde haired Rapunzel Character escapes from the tower.

.Runs to the tree line .Hits a literal wall .She turns around and her world literally spins, everything is blurred .The illusion that she is in fact rapunzel breaks .Armed guards surround her, her back against a wall. She's wearing prison attire, and her black hair is cut short.

Conclusion 300-500

How could this be visually successful as an adaption.

Character Sheet 2 styles, before and after the hallucination is revealed

Presentation Of Work

.What is the adaption based on? .What are the key differences between this and other adaptions?

.Show the character sheet .Show concept art.

Petes notes .When she is medicated, she is rapunzal and lives in that fantasy world where she is trapped,

.She gets to the wall and then is returned to the tower by her mother/father

.Her inner dialogue, she converses with herself.


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