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Updated: Dec 17, 2018

While making small test sculpts of my initial woodland creature designs, I wondered what defines an area a woodland. From conversations with my classmates, theres a general concensus that the creatures we make have to live in a forrest. However, there are many different types of woodland, aside from Forrests.

I did a couple of test sculpts for my gremlin/goblin creature, however I didn't like how narrow and long I'd made his face.

On my second attempt at my goblin/gremlin sculpt, I did the opposite of my first sculpt. Instead of long and narrow, I made the face round and wide. I accidentally left an imprint from the blunt end of my soft tipped sculpting tools in the face of my model. I liked the impression that it left, so I covered the rest of the face with them. This pattern created an aquatic look to the model, and as I tried to mould the top of the head in a more visually aesthetic manner, I realised that a fin along the head would suit the features I had given my sculpt at this point.

For this creature design to work within the brief, I needed to do some research of wet woodlands. I chose to keep my research mainly within the UK, however I've found a couple of examples from outside of the UK.



My idea for this design was to focus and emphasise the size of the antlers during shedding season. The possible background would be a scenic forrest scene, with the deers head drinking from a stream.

After class I went to the Harris Museum in Preston City Centre to gather more research, as there is an exhibition on the 1st floor showing a variety of skulls and antlers of deer. The real life primary research is a good way of seeing how different antlers grow and develop on different animals, given I want to focus on the antlers of my model for this design.

As much as I liked the look of the deer sculpt, I thought that making a deer for this project wouldn't be very challenging for me. As my main interest is in stop motion, especially model making, I really want to take advantage of this project to expand my knowledge and sculpting ability.


This is my simplest design for the project, I really enjoyed making the back legs. However I'm not very interested in taking this design further in the project.

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